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N scale Sperry rail inspection vehicle

We were commissioned (read this as “challenged”) to create this one of a kind micro miracle. Enjoy.

(If you are someone that watched this video in the last few days then watch again. There was about 20 minutes of it that were somehow cut.
It is in its full version now. I think I have the problem solved and sorry for the confusion.)

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HO 4-6-0 Brass DCC w/Sound Install

The Train Buddy installs a DCC Sound decoder from Train Control Systems with Keep Alive and a Soundtraxx “sugar cube” speaker. There should be 5,maybe 6, parts to the whole install.

I have made some changes to my Internet service and can now upload faster but sorry it has been two months, trial and error, to get this to work. I expect, now that I have been more successful, to upload on the weekends and have it available on Mondays or Tuesdays each week.

This install discusses topics of planning installs, wiring harnesses, soldering tips, LED installs, brass steam engine issues and solutions, making number boards and just a bunch of downright practical mechanical and electrical sense.

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Clinics and Camaraderie

Fridays has often been a time for the “locals” to get together and talk about model railroading (and sometimes some other “stuff”) On this particular Friday we went outside where Train Buddy Grif led the discussion on Making Trees with Scenic Express SuperTree(TM) product. Usually in stock at the Train Buddy – 653-214 for the value pack, 653-220 for the HO/O starter kit and 653-215 for the super value case.