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Installing Digitrax DN163Ax decoders/microprocessors into N Scale Atlas 8-40B and SD-60 model locomotives

These are not difficult but do require some “expert” advice that is not in the instructions to insure that they work and continue to work. Train Buddy published the first one (8-40B) back in 2018. The 8-40B video has updated text and information on installing decoders in general in N scale models. Also shows correct cleaning and lubrication. The SD60 is newly published but completed also back in 2018.

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HO Scale 4-6-2 Broadway Limited Imports Paragon 3 Sound Decoder Replaced with Soundtraxx Tsunami 2

Sound systems for model railroads have their fans and detractors. In this case the customer wanted a different system for his own reasons. The Train Buddy makes it happen. The video discusses electrical discovery techniques when documentation is scarce or non-existent. We discuss the planning and execution through a 3 part series. The first part shows the wire discovery using the Internet and meter usage to determine and verify the wiring without disassembly of the expensive and very well built steam engine. The second part shows techniques for soldering, tinning, wire placement and shrink tube use. The rails and speaker are connected. The third part continues the wiring of motor and lights and then programming the address with a Digitrax DT402D throttle.

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HO Scale GE U30B Phase 1 Proto2000 SoundBug Installation

This engine (erroneously shown as a B40-8 says my knowledgeable good friend Derik Perry) previously had a Digitrax DH165L0 decoder installed and the customer wanted to add sound. The installation of a Digitrax SoundBug is intended to be an inexpensive and relatively easy installation. This video shows the difficulty of choosing and installing the speaker. This is why the cost, and difficulty of most sound installations has nothing to do with the chip and everything to do with the speaker, speaker enclosure or baffle, placement and installation. Enjoy.

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N Scale Life Like BL2 DCC Install

It appears that we have fixed our upload problem by going to standard definition (480p) instead of HD (1280p) and are going to try now to clear our backlog of videos and projects. This is the most recent install and we have many more in the “can” that we will release in the coming weeks. Friday upload and Monday morning release will be the attempted schedule. Enjoy!

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This is standard definition, 480p

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N scale Sperry rail inspection vehicle

We were commissioned (read this as “challenged”) to create this one of a kind micro miracle. Enjoy.

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HO 4-6-0 Brass DCC w/Sound Install

The Train Buddy installs a DCC Sound decoder from Train Control Systems with Keep Alive and a Soundtraxx “sugar cube” speaker. There should be 5,maybe 6, parts to the whole install.

I have made some changes to my Internet service and can now upload faster but sorry it has been two months, trial and error, to get this to work. I expect, now that I have been more successful, to upload on the weekends and have it available on Mondays or Tuesdays each week.

This install discusses topics of planning installs, wiring harnesses, soldering tips, LED installs, brass steam engine issues and solutions, making number boards and just a bunch of downright practical mechanical and electrical sense.