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Holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) hours

Hobby Shop & Warehouse hours (Eastern Time)      ALL OPEN HOURS ARE 10:30AM—6PM
Closed Sundays (except 24th until noon), Thanksgiving day, Christmas Day and New Years Day and week for inventory.
On Doctor’s Days we don’t know when or how long we will be there so please call to make special arrangements.

December 2017:
   SUN                             MON                       TUE                 WED                    THUR                    FRI                       SAT
                                                                                                                                                           1 OPEN              2 OPEN
 3 CLOSED                  4 OPEN                  5 OPEN           6 OPEN                7 OPEN                8 OPEN              9 OPEN
10 CLOSED               11 OPEN                12 OPEN         13 OPEN              14 Drs. CALL!     15 OPEN            16 OPEN
17 CLOSED               18 OPEN                19 OPEN         20 OPEN              21 OPEN             22 OPEN            23 OPEN
24 OPEN until 12    25 CLOSED            26 OPEN         27 OPEN              28 OPEN             29 OPEN            30 CLOSED

January 2018:  (first week of January is Inventory)
                                    1 CLOSED            2 CLOSED        3 CLOSED             4 CLOSED           5 CLOSED        6 CLOSED
7 CLOSED                  8 CLOSED            9 CLOSED        10 OPEN              11 OPEN             12 OPEN         13 CLOSED

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New Folder: “Installs”

We are adding a new folder to the top menu under “Reference”.  It is “Installs”.

Here we will share some of the work that is done at our install and repair desk.

Please see our newest entry, C&O E9 with ground/truck lights, prototype conductor cab light and prototype back door interior light.


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New “Sugar Cube” speakers

We have had supersonic speakers from American Hobby Distributors for over a year now.  They have been good sellers and we have used them in several installs.

Now, Soundtraxx has added two “sugar cube” style speaker sizes.

The 810155 is a  13mm x 9mm x 8.85mm(D) speaker and enclosure.  And the 810154 is a 16mm x 12mm x 11.25mm(D) speaker and enclosure.