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HO Life Like Proto2000 (old) EMD E7 DCC and Sound Install

This video involves some unique perspectives in decoder (microprocessor) installation. The subject engine was undecorated and had to be painted and decaled before installation of the speaker. The chassis and mechanism were available for the electrical work and so this project was split over a very long time. It came in on 1/25/2019, work started on 7/24/2019, restarted (post COVID after painting) 9/17/2020 and was finished on 10/15/2020. This is not typical but what is typical this year? For those who want to be critical of the paint job, please help yourself. I am virtually hanging my head in shame as this was not something I am real proud of, but then again, you can probably count on one hand the items that I have painted. The customer asked me to do this since it was such an “easy” paint. The real difficulty was in the bottom striping believe it or not. 3 installments. Enjoy.

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