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To order anything from the Walthers®, Digitrax®, Soundtraxx®, Train Control Systems or Berrett Hill Shop’s product offerings please email your request to Order (at)

New Location: Our new corporate and shipping, packing and pickup location is 6720 Fawn Hoof Trail, Holly Springs. This address is not open for public display. Please call to make an appointment to visit or pick up your purchases. Thank you.

Repairs: We will continue to honor any repairs or installations and will, time permitted, finish what we committed to do. Hopefully, our current move will hasten this process.

YouTube videos: We will also continue to publish You Tube videos of our repairs and installations and hopefully some educational content.

Visiting: Thanks for your support over the years and I look forward to seeing you down the road as I plan on spending more time visiting and helping out at customer’s railroads.

Kim “Train Buddy” Parker