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New “Sugar Cube” speakers

We have had supersonic speakers from American Hobby Distributors for over a year now.  They have been good sellers and we have used them in several installs.

Now, Soundtraxx has added two “sugar cube” style speaker sizes.

The 810155 is a  13mm x 9mm x 8.85mm(D) speaker and enclosure.  And the 810154 is a 16mm x 12mm x 11.25mm(D) speaker and enclosure.

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Tsunami Sound Decoders 35% off list!

20141106_195857While the current stock lasts, we are moving our Tsunami decoder supply.  We have many of the out-of-stock decoders that others do not have.  Use our search (upper right corner on the PC web page) to find your Tsunami today.

We will sell these through the web but must communicate the savings via email or over the phone to give you the discount after you check out.

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Rolling Thunder

If you haven’t heard Broadway Limited’s New Paragon 3 locomotives with Rolling Thunder – not on You Tube, or without the sub-woofer, you need to make a time to come to the Train Buddy shop and hear both Steam and Diesel Rolling Thunder.  We are doing about 4 or 5 demonstrations a day.  If you are at the shop and a demo of this new technology is not being presented then please ASK for one.  We are happy to do this for you.  You cannot get this experience on your phone, on your computer or anywhere except standing in front of a Rolling Thunder demonstration.  We are not easily impressed by technology but this is as revolutionary as the sound decoder.