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New Folder: “Installs”

We are adding a new folder to the top menu under “Reference”.  It is “Installs”.

Here we will share some of the work that is done at our install and repair desk.

Please see our newest entry, C&O E9 with ground/truck lights, prototype conductor cab light and prototype back door interior light.


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Summer Hours

Well, the spring and summer season has arrived and with it, a lot of other demands for our time.  With taxes due, spring cleanup and yard work in the mix, much of the usual traffic to the shop is declining.  ‘Tis the season.

So, we are adjusting our hours accordingly.  Do not expect us to be here on any given Saturday.  As of this weekend we will be closed on Saturday.  We will try and be here if you call ahead (see bottom of the page or About Us for phone numbers).  Many of you already do this and it is appreciated.  The objective here is to be available but not be bound to the shop when there is no one here.

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New “Sugar Cube” speakers

We have had supersonic speakers from American Hobby Distributors for over a year now.  They have been good sellers and we have used them in several installs.

Now, Soundtraxx has added two “sugar cube” style speaker sizes.

The 810155 is a  13mm x 9mm x 8.85mm(D) speaker and enclosure.  And the 810154 is a 16mm x 12mm x 11.25mm(D) speaker and enclosure.